Omnium Mini-Max Classic

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Mini-Max is the middle way. Lighter and more agile than the Cargo. Longer and more capable than the Mini.
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Trust us when we say; you never know how much you need a cargo bike, until you have one.

The Omnium Classic range is a great choice for city use. It's narrow for getting through gaps, relatively light, and the Black Powder-Coat is super durable.

If you upgrade to dynamo LED lighting, then you never have to remember to bring lights with you to be visible, as you can leave them turned on all the time, day and night. We will build a new front wheel, with a SP Dynamo front hub, and wire it in to some high output, and compact, Busch & Muller LED's.

Lightly loaded it's as fast and fun as any other bike, but one that can carry a passanger if you feel like it. And after riding one for a while, you might start to see the world around you in terms of things that you can and can't fit on the rack safely - An oddly satisfying skill.

This frame comes only in a medium size that is ideal for a variety of applications, such as multiple users of a small company, or a couple of budding cycle-parents that don't want to keep a car.

What OMNIUM say..

The Mini-Max is the middle child of the Omnium family. The main difference compared to the Cargo is the wheelbase. The bike and wheelbase is about 20cm shorter, which has a noticeable effect on handling. The shorter wheelbase makes the bike handle a bit more like a normal bike, resulting in a tighter turn radius and increased manoeuvrability.

The front rack is the same rectangle as the Cargo’s rack, just without the horns, while retaining extender bar compatibility.

The fact that the front wheel is positioned more in the middle of the rack means positives on the steering front, however the maximum hauling capabilities are slightly compromised. Hauling a very heavy load becomes a little more tricky, but definitely doable with a bit of skill. Loading the rack while on the kickstand can be difficult as the weight sits over top of the front wheel, as opposed to in the middle of the wheelbase on the cargo.


Black Powder-Coat Toughcoat


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Note: Test rides are strictly by appointment, and take place at our Leyton Warehouse only.

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