Omnium Mini-Max WiFi (PRE-ORDER)

On backorder
Delivery time: UK delivery expected 8 weeks after the pre-order event (e.g. Mid-March 2022)

This is for the dealers pre-order event that will happen on Friday 21st Jan at 10am.


How Omnium pre-orders work:

  1. Put 50% deposit down and include in your comments your preferred frame size, and 2 options for colour. (1st preference, and 2nd preference).
  2. We will contact you to confirm the order BEFORE the morning of the pre-order event.
  3. We will do our best to secure your preferred option, or at least your 2nd.
  4. Following the pre-order event we will liase with you about build options, accessories, delivery and anything else that you would like our help with.
  5. When the delivery arrives we will let you know straight away, and arrange the next steps.

Please Note:

  • If we fail to secure either then we will refund you the deposit and apologise for not making it happen. The next batch of frames will come around in 3-5 months, so there will be another opportunity then.
  • If we do secure your choices then the order is locked in, and cannot be changed.


About the Mini-Max Framekit:

RRP: £1,450.00 This is the last batch of the 1st gen WiFi frames, before the new 2022 pricing comes into effect (+5%) along with the new rocker dropout and belt-drive compatability.

If you don't plan to run a belt drive or a 650b wheel then this won't make a difference for you, except being a little cheaper.

5 colours to choose from:

  • Blurple (+£85)
  • Galaxy Black + Silver Logo
  • Afternoon Blue + Gold Logo
  • Diablo Red + Red Logo
  • Forest Green + Cream Logo

5 sizes to choose from:

  • XS (49.5cm)
  • Small (52cm)
  • Medium (54.5cm)
  • Large (57cm)
  • X-Large (59cm)


  • Frame
  • Bed
  • Headset(s) and steering arm
  • Seat collar


  • Kickstand
  • Bed webbing
  • Extender bar

These items can be purchased separately 

Need wheels? We have those too!

Click here for the Front Wheel option.

Click here for the Rear Wheel option.

For more information about the Mini-Max WiFi click here.