Omnium Mini WiFi Frameset

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Mini is the smallest possilbe cargo bike. Max load 125kg inc. rider. Otherwise it tends to tip forwards.
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What OMNIUM say..

The new Mini WiFi has been optimized for 55mm (2.15″) tires front and rear. The list of benefits tied to bigger tires is long, but here’s a few we find important. High volume tires run at lower tire pressure, creating a significant layer of suspension between you and the ground. This results in far more comfort and control while riding on all surfaces, making easy work of rough roads, gravel, and cobblestones. The fast semi-slick tire tread design results in a minor rolling speed penalty, but more importantly increases grip, stability, and also reduces the risk of punctures.

The frame and fork have also been updated to take 15 x 100mm front and 12 x 142mm rear thru axles. Although thru axles were first seen on downhill mountain bikes in the late 90’s, most disc brake bikes these days use them. They make perfect sense on our cargo bikes. The axle bolts through a closed hole in the frame and fork, then through the hub, and threads directly into the dropout on the other side. Most importantly, this system increases stiffness, rigidity under braking and load, and reduces the risk of incorrect installation and disk brake rub.

What PARADISE say..

The Mini WiFi is a little ripper. It's fun and twitchy, and tucks away easily. The fat tyres are a revelation, with much more grip and comfort than the Classic version. And the the 2021 colours are so pretty, so it's very difficult to do a bad build on one. If you want to ease into cargo bike life, then this is the way to do it.


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