Omnium Old Inner Tube Rack Weave

Delivery time: Collection or FedEx Delivery Available

We can provide tubes for free and you can do this yourself. But if you don't fancy it, we will do it for you.


  • 8 x 26" Tubes makes a tight platform (pictured)
  • 10 x 700c Tubes is easier to stretch around things, but isn't as tight, and doesn't look as nice.
  • Cut the valve stems off so you don't scratch your rack, or have bits of metal sticking out where they might catch.
  • A nice compromise is 4 x 27.5 tubes for the outer straps, and 4 x 26" ones for the inner ones.
  • Allow at least 30 mins for this. It's suprisingly tiring. Especially if you do it wrong and have to do it twice.

Note: Rack not included.