Omnium Pre-Order Process


If we don't have the model you want in stock, and neither does Omnium, all is not lost.

Pre-Order Process

    1. Check Omnium's Future Stock Web Page
    2. Decide what Model & Size you want. (Maybe visit us for a test ride to check size etc.)
    3. Pick 2  or 3 colours, and list them in order of preference e.g. 1st - Blurple. 2nd - Forest Green. 3rd - Diablo Red.
    4. Email us with your request, including any parts, accessories, or if you want us to build the bike for you.
    5. Wait for us to confirm your request is likely to be fulfilled.
    6. Pay a 50% deposit (refundable if we can't get any of your picks).
    7. We will do our best to secure one of your choices, when the pre-order event occurs.
    8. We will notify you that it has been ordered successfully.
    9. When it is dispatched we'll update you.
    10. About 2 weeks later it will arrive.
    11. New Bike Day!