Sentient SNEK 31 MSW Wheel

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These are our nice rim brake road wheels, for frames designed for max 28c tyres. They use a medium depth profile aluminium rim for good stiffness, and feature high quality hubs and spokes.

Option 1: Spoke Count & Lacing

If you like, we can specify the spoke lacing and count, so the wheels match the intended use, and rider weight.

Rider + luggage weight catagories are upto 75kg, between 75kg and 85kg, over 85kg, over 100kg.

Option 2: Hope Hub upgrade

If you want the best hubs the UK can make, then we can upgrade the build specification to include Hope RS4 hubs. They are made to order, so it opens up more freehub options, and the 6 anodisation colours that they offer. It's about an extra £150 for the upgrade ( £110 rear / £35 front - subject to recent changes in the Hope pricing).

Bespoke order lead time

If we have everything in stock then the wheel, or wheels, can be ready to go within 5 working days.


  • 31mm Rim Depth
  • 24mm External Width
  • 19mm Internal Width
  • 6 Pawl High Enguagement Freehub
  • High quality hubs with high quality non-contact seal stainless bearings.
  • Anti-Bite Insert to stop your cassette eating the splines and getting stuck.
  • Tubeless Compatible - Requires tubeless tape, tyres, valves, & sealant (sold seperately)
  • Sapim Race Double Butted Spokes
  • Sapim Polyax Alloy 14mm Nipples
  • Threadlocking compound
  • Skewers Included
  • Front: 750g
  • Rear: 909g
  • Set: 1,659g

Listed weights are based on a 24h front / 28h rear spoke count, and doesn not include skewers or rim tape.

Do you wish they were lighter? No problem. It's not always the best idea if you aren't built for featherweight wheels, or have a tendancy to crash out, bunny hop, and hit every bump or hole in the ground, but we can build a lighter version of these by reducing spoke count, changing the spokes to Sapim Lasers or CX-Rays or by changing the rim to a 22mm or 26mm profile. All changes are subject to variation in price.

For more info, please call or email the Lea Bridge Warehouse team.