We believe that using a bike workshop should be easy, stress free, and straightfoward.

So we have built a transparent communication process that prevents us doing anything you don't want us to do, while also speeding up the progress of the work.
For the last year or so, we have been using a new booking and service management software called HubTiger. You can activate the online widget by clicking "Bookings" on the top bar of the site.
Here is how things go:

Stage 1) Booking

  • Create a booking for dropping your bike off.
  • This will create a placeholder in our bookings calander, so that all your details and comments are accessible to us.

As soon as you have submitted your request you will receive an email which says "Stage 1 Unlocked: Your BOOKING is confimed!"

  • Use the link in this email to re-schedule your booking if you need to.

26 Hours before the scheduled drop-off, you will receive an automated text message & email which says "Stage 1: Booking reminder. We're expecting you to arrive in the next day or so."

  • Again, this will include a link you can use to re-schedule your booking if you need to.


Stage 2) Inspection, Quoting, & Approval

  • Once your bike has been dropped off, our team will mark the job as "Bike is here", which gives the status - Here / Quote Stage
  • Our team will then start work, inspecting the bike, and preparing a quote for you to review.
  • When the quote has been finished, we will push through another text & email, which will say "[Update] Stage 2: Quote Approval Required"
  • Within the message you will find a link which will take you to the active worksheet, where a full breakdown of parts and labour can be approved, or rejected.
  • If you reject parts of the quote, or would like to discuss other options with us before clicking "approve" please send a message within the web app, or call the shop.


Our Quoting Policy

We will only work on a bike, if it will leave the workshop in a roadworthy condition. Safety first!

If you request for us to perform a repair in one area (such as gears), and ignore another issue which our mechanic has flagged in another area (such as brakes), we reserve the right to refuse service.


Repair Quotes: We will inspect the whole bike, and make a judgement about whether the requested single repair is appropriate. If neceassary, the mechanic in charge of quoting your bike may get in contact to inform you of a change in approach, and seek to discuss a new plan of action, before carrying out any repairs on your bike.

Service Quotes: Again, the whole bike will be assessed. The initial quote will be aimed at returning the bike to "like new" mechanical condition. We understand that with componentry that is designed to wear out, there is a spectrum of wear which progresses like this: New > Acceptable > Near end of life > At end of life > Dangerous. As such, there is always potential to discuss the necessity of replacing worn components, and re-quote the work according to the discussion and agreements reached during Stage 2 of the process.

Once approval has been given, we will proceed with the work. We will never proceed with the work, while there are unresolved issues, or decisions still being made.


Stage 3) Work on HOLD or Waiting for PARTS

We hold stock of LOADS of parts. And we have accounts with EVERY SINGLE supplier in the UK, as well as many throughout Europe and the rest of the world. So our workshop is in the position to get anything that we need, as quickly as possible.

  • If we need to source some parts from one, or several of our suppliers, the usual wait time is 1 - 5 days. An unusual wait time is 6-15 days.
  • When a job has been marked as "Waiting for parts" you will automatically receive a notification email which says "[Update] Stage 3: We're waiting for parts to arrive."
  • If we have not received the parts within 4 days, another automatic email and SMS will be send out which says "[Update] Stage 3: We're STILL waiting for parts to arrive."

Our Parts Policy

We will work to source good quality, reliable parts, as quickly as possible. The parts we use in the workshop will often be better quality than the parts the bike was originally built with.

At Paradise Cycles, we know from painful experience that good quality parts will work better, last longer, and help build the trust between the customer and the workshop in almost all cases. We will never use poor quality, unreliable parts on your bike, unless it is explicitly requested as an essential cost saving measure.

Customer Provided Parts: If you bring parts with your bike, you acknowledge that we are not responsible for the warranty, or results derived from fitting those parts. We also reserve the right to increase our labour charges, if you are providing parts that we hold in stock, or could easily source on your behalf.

Ordering Your Own Parts: If we get to Stage 3, and you request to order parts yourself, we reserve the right to request that you take your bike away while you wait for the parts to arrive. We do not want to have bikes in the workshop where the schedule for parts arriving is outside of our control.

Price Matching: Yes, we price match. If you can prove that it is possible to source like-for-like components, for a lower price, we will allow price matching. However we must enforce the rule that the burden of proving it is a match, with immediate dispatch availability, at a lower price (including any associated postage charges), is on the customer. We will not help you to "find it cheaper online", but we undertstand that the internet is full of bargain deals, which you may wish to take advantage of. Please forward your evidence (a screenshot of a shopping basket including URL) to [email protected], quoting your job reference number i.e. HT#012345.