What we say...

Umm, these bikes are super light, and ride like no other cargo bike we've ever seen. The big front wheel makes the handling more of a challenge, but it will roll over whatever you point it at.

Martin and his team have done an amazing job with the development of this heat treated aluminium cargo frame. We've seen complete builds as low as 15kg in road form, and 18kg as an MTB with knobbly tyres & a 160mm suspension fork.

As of 2024, the Ginkgo is available with a fully integrated Brose motor kit, as well as with a CYC Photon motor + battery setup thanks to our friends at Sentient Works.

Visit www.ginkgo.bike for more details about the manufacturer.

To talk to us about ordering, custom builds, and parts & accessories, please send an us an email: [email protected]


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