Visit the Carradice & UPSO webistes for our recommended range of bags, saddlepacks, bar bags, & panniers. Carradice & UPSO are sister companies that share a workspace in Nelson, Lancashire.

Orders can be placed through our workshop by calling 0203 441 9220. Or by giving our business name and address when placing an order through either the Carradice or UPSO websites.

About Carradice

Carradice have been making saddlebags and panniers for more than 80 years. In the early 1930's Wilf Carradice first made a saddlebag for himself and discovered it was far better than anything else available. Friends soon asked for copies. By the end of the 30's Carradice were making tents, rucksacks, sleeping bags and jackets too. Throughout the 40's and 50's our bags were the choice of every hard riding tourist or clubman.

By the 70's Wilf was wanting to retire and to pass the firm's experience and reputation onto someone who would continue to produce bags to the same exacting standards.

Fortunately Neville Chadwick, a keen cyclist saw the potential for quality made cycle bags and took the company on. Demand again began to outstrip the production facilities and two moves to larger premises followed. David took over from his dad in 1994 and the business has flourished under his enthusiastic management.

About UPSO Bags

UPSO's creator, David Chadwick hates throwing things away. His experience as a successful bag manufacturer means that he is constantly looking for ways to maximise resources and minimise waste. David found that lorry tarpaulins provide a waterproof, durable fabric that would otherwise end up as landfill once its life on the road ends.

UPSO brings together recyclable materials with considered and functional design to create distinctive and unique bags with a stylish edge.

The environmental impact of UPSO bags is limited by sourcing materials locally and undertaking the whole process in one Lancashire factory, which uses solar energy to power the sewing machines. The tarps are cleaned, hand cut and sewn into bags ready for customer selection. Further upcycling uses old fire hoses and seat belt webbing as components.

The UPSO range is designed for people who want a bag that is different and individual. Due to the varied previous lives of the the lorry tarps and the way they are selected and processed, no two bags are the same. As well as being given a unique reference number, each bag is signed by its maker. On foot or on two wheels, UPSO owners are guaranteed a completely original bag."

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