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The VELOE is a dependable pack mule for all sorts of purposes, but where it excels is for carrying a couple of small-ish passengers on the back. There are a lot of ways to configure these brilliant steel frames.

The riding position is sensible for riding at in traffic, with confidence and control. The step-through design is easy mount and dismount, and the 24" wheels with fat tyres are smooth and comfy. From a utilitarian standpoint, this bike is what dreams are made of.

We keep one or two different versions in stock at all times, so it's simple to come for a test ride.

Each bike is MADE TO ORDER in Milan, so get in touch, come for a test, and start the order process today! 

You have access to the cycle-to-work scheme, right?


Veloe Setups


What they say...

Veloe specialises in long-tail eBikes designed to meet the needs of both families and businesses. As an Italian production company, we take pride in our craft.

Individuals choose Veloe not only for its environmentally-friendly way to explore the world, but also for its affordability and practicality in urban environments.

Veloe’s primary aim is to enhance your riding experience. We place a strong emphasis on stability, safety, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. When you ride a Veloe, it injects action and joy into your daily life.

We firmly believe that children should experience this sense of exhilaration as early as possible. The sooner they do, the greater the likelihood they’ll embrace (e)Biking themselves.

City living becomes more enticing when accessibility is a proven reality. Riding a Veloe enables you to fully savor the pleasures of urban life.

Restaurants, retailers, and service providers thrive when they have the means to move around efficiently. Veloe opens up the possibilities to support local businesses, run errands, and visit your neighborhood suppliers.


Visit www.veloe.eu for more details about the manufacturer.

To talk to us about ordering, custom builds, and parts & accessories, please send an us an email: [email protected]


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