If you have a repair or service with us, and the brakes, wheels, or gears aren't quite right after you leave, bring it back within 30 days and we will look at it again for free.

After all, whats the point in being embarrased to mention something? We are here to help; not to take your money and rush you out the door.

30 Day Period

If something is not right with a mechanism on your bicycle following a repair or service, then it should be immediately obvious, but in the event that is becomes apprarent gradually, then that is what our 30 day labour guarantee is there for.

No parts that are well within their wear limit should reach that limit within 30 days, so the set-up might be a little off. This is normally very quick and simple to put right.

The labour associated with any specific aspect of a paid repair is covered by our promise to adjust it or look at it again for free within 30 days of the bike being collected.

Repair & Service Limitations

Our team are trained to perform in depth troubleshooting, and only to offer reliable repair & service solutions.

The minimum that we will offer is a repair or service that results in a bike which is safe to ride.

This means we will not undertake repairs where the result does not meet the following criteria for safety and road worthiness:

  • Two brakes, which will stop you in an emergency, and can be trusted to do so.
  • A frame & fork which is not cracked, showing signs of cracks, or is severly bent.
  • Good general mechanical condition.

Unless specifically stated and agreed upon at the time, all of our repairs & services will provide at least 30 days of consistent performance, provided the bike is not crashed, deliberately damaged or otherwise altered.

Any compromises that are verbally agreed to by the mechanic or representative of the company, and the customer, should be recorded as a "Note" on the worksheet, and should be visible on the receipt for the repair or service.

Faulty Components & Product Warranty

This guarantee does not extend to the products used in a repair or service. There is a difference between a product warranty due to manufacturing issues, and the proper installation and setup of that product.


If you have any questions about this policy, then please contact us via email or in store.