What we say...

The Bullitt by Larry vs Harry is legendary in the bike messenger world. The low centre of gravity and slim design help these fly through tight gaps in traffic with large payloads.

Like all good cargo bikes, the ways you can enjoy a Bullitt are numerous. Carrying a kid or dog? No problem. Running around deliveries for a small business? Perfect! Nothing to carry? Who cares.

Now the Bullitt & Bullitt X are available as frame kits which can be custom built, or as complete e-bikes shipped straight from the Copenhagen warehouse to Paradise.

What they say...

The Original Bullitt frame is the natural progression in Danish cargo bike design and as Copenhagener’s we ride every day, through all seasons. Larry vs Harry have been making the Bullitt and nothing but the Bullitt for well over a decade.

This time has been spent refining and improving what we see as the perfect do-it-all cargo bike. The Bullitt is a bicycle for everyone and everything.

Visit www.larryvsharry.com for details from the manufacturer. 

To arrange a test ride, or to start the custom build process, please send an us an email: [email protected]

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