Bullitt Frameset

Larry vs Harry are still making the ORIGINAL frameset, so you can build your own Bullitt. 10 colours. Endless ways to build it.
Delivery time: Bullitt UK stock can be shipped anywhere within 48 hours. Otherwise we need to check if Bullitt DK have stock. Get in touch to find out what current availability is looking like.


Fast and easy to maneuver, the Bullitt’s unique stiff, three dimensional frame construction and geometry ensure stability at speed and over a variety of surfaces.

Its slim cargo platform functions well in navigating narrow bicycle lanes and plays nicely when sharing the road with other road users.

  • 22.3 kg Starting Bike Weight
  • 46 cm Wide (which is slimmer than an Omnium, which are 50cm)
  • 180 kg Total Carry Weight


Designed For Safety

The Bullitt is designed and developed with safety at the forefront and extends to both rider and cargo however precious. Inherent stability through good design and a comprehensive accessory range that enhance and compliment safety features.

Cargo Family

Transport your children and loved ones with ease and with a smile, both on your face and on theirs. School and grocery runs made easy and convenient, holidays and adventures made special.

Cargo Everyday

Weekday routines turn to spontaneous fun with a Bullitt. Stop wherever and whenever you like to enjoy new spots, talk with friends and satisfy your curiosity..

Cargo Business

The Bullitt streamlines, hastens and makes inner city business more efficient. Fact. Happy employees at street level who engage with pedestrian traffic are also fantastic ambassadors for your brand.

Build your Original Bullitt

Are you ready to make the jump and order your Bullitt? Paradise Cycles is a dealer that can build and deliver your dream machine.

Complete builds start at £3,200 with handbuild wheels, mudguards, a Nexus 5 speed hub, and Magura MT5 brakes.