If your business has more than one cargo bike that you need to maintain and keep on the road all year long, then you can partner with us to make it happen.

We have identified that lots of fleet riders, and couriers will ride their bikes until they break, which usually happens at exactly the wrong time, and is more expensive that it need be to repair. The fleet manager is then put in the position of deciding if they want to do anything about it, and before approaching a workshop, which can cause critical information to be lost in translation.

Our solution to this is to allow the riders the opportunity to report issues directly to the workshop, so that our team can evaluate their reposonse and have an informed conversation with the bill payer. This removes lot's of confusion for all parties, and prevents the "the rider said...such and such, but I'm not sure." Or "It's not doing it now, but.." type of conversations that none of us like having.

Keeping contact with a workshop using a bespoke Google Form, and following a regular inspection schedule will allow your business to anticipate issues and deal with them before they let you down.

We specialise in servicing electric cargo bikes, and can support your business with the technical and mechanical expertise that your riders are unlikely to possess.

Our workshop has an extensive range of specailist tooling, and equipment, which allows us to provide professional support for almost all bike systems that are out there. Shimano STEPS, Bosch, Brose, Oli & Bafang electric systems all have their own diagnostic processes, which are often restricted to bike technicians that have done the relevant training courses.


  • No subscription! This is an On-Demand type service. Cancel any time.
  • Inspection and service every 3 months (typically).
  • Direct Rider to Workshop reporting process (Google Forms).
  • Remote Troubleshooting with a mechanic you know and trust.
  • Priority drop in repairs at our workshop (Same day repairs available).
  • Full professional support for whichever systems your bike uses.


[Image shows 3 of our 6 spacious workstations at 256 Paradise Row]



Set Up Admin Fee & Initial Inspection £50

Scheduled Inspection at 256 Paradise Row FREE

Scheduled Inspection at your location* £20 per bike per visit

Rider Reporting FREE

Quotes & Advice FREE

Service Labour £60 per hour

Replacement Parts Cost 10% Discount


Payment is arranged by invoice with 14 day terms.

All prices include VAT @ 20%, and are correct as of Feb 2023.

*Max 4 miles from E2 9LE. This is not meant to be a London wide service, unless you can always bring the bikes to Bethnal Green.


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To get set up with an inspection schedule, and your own Google Form, contact James via email, and he will get in touch to discuss it.

[email protected]