Basil Plastic Dutch Transport Crate

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40L. 49 x 28 cm.

Product description Basil Crate Basket 40L

The Basil bicycle size crate is a black bicycle crate for bicycles. The crate is made of sustainable material, has a capacity of 40 liters, and is suitable for the MIK system.

Safely on the go:
- No more heavy shopping bags on your handlebars or school bags on your back. With the trendy Basil bicycle crate, you safely carry your luggage. The crate is a large size. The crate features a contrasting crate clip to make your bike stand out. Handy in crowded bicycle parking lots. Just snap the clip onto the crate at any point, and you´re good to go.

Sustainable choice:
- With the bicycle crate from Basil, you make a sustainable choice. The crate is made of post-consumer waste, also called regranulate. The recycled plastic also makes the crate extra strong.

Easy and quick to mount using the MIK version:
- Do you want to take the crate with you, for example because you´re carrying groceries or because otherwise your crate will get nicked. Good news. This crate has a pre-assembled MIK adapter plate. With MIK, you can quickly and easily click the crate on your luggage carrier. Do you not have a MIK carrier on your (electric) bike.

We thought of you
That´s why the Basil bicycle crate offers:
- A capacity of 40 liters; hence your heavy shopping or school bag no longer needs to hang on the handlebars.
- Sturdy construction, so you can safely carry all your stuff.
- A pre-assembled MIK adapter plate lets you easily click the crate on and off your luggage carrier. Handy right.


- Material: Recycled synthetic
- Content (Ltr): 40,0
- System: MIK Adapterplate 70171 (included)
- Installation: I.c.w. front carrier or MIK system carrier
- Handle: Yes
- Position on the bicycle: Front and/or rear
- Removable: Yes
- Carrying capacity : Depends on max. allowed weight capacity of carrier
- Dimensions: 49 x 28 cm