BCargo Electric Cargo Bike

These are great handling & easy to live with. Produced in Italy, and paired with their own OLI mid-drive motors, these steel framed workhorses are available at an extremely good price, and wide range of "for business" or "for family" customisations.
Delivery time: Special Order: BCargo quote 2 months for production and delivery to the UK. Call for details.

Manufacturers website: BCargo.bike

Version 5.0 Specification:

  • Updated 250W Oli Sport Motor which produces up to 85NM torque.
  • Removable 500Wh Lithium Ion Battery. Spares available at £400 each.
  • Updated cable steering system. Stainless cables. Aluminium Pulleys. Removes almost all steerer bump for a smooth comfy ride, with a 2.1m turning circle.
  • Shimano 1x10 speed drivetrain
  • Suspension seatpost
  • Optional suspension f
  • LED lights, café lock, & bell included
  • 50cm wide loading bay, and 65cm long (on the flat section).
  • 180kg Max Load (including rider)

Getting around the city has never been so much fun!

With BCargo moving around the city every day becomes an enjoyable activity. You can use the bike to go to work, take your children to school, cycle around with your dog or go shopping without having to use the car. And no need to worry about traffic and parking problems either!

Thanks to our handcrafted canopy made in nautical fabric, your kids will be warm and protected in all conditions.

Three points seat belts and comfortable cuscions, make your children trip safe and fun!

The 50-year long experience of OLI Spa, a leading company in industrial electric motor, is the foundation of Oli e-bike System.

During the performance tests made by Velotech.de, Oli sport Motor has proven itself as one of the best motors in the world, ensuring a very high mechanical power even at the higher speeds, required by the most challenging hills.