The Community Gardener's Mini-Max

This build was for someone involved in community garden projects around London. The Mini-Max makes a lot of sense if you are only carrying tools and supplies upto 40kg, and not too bulky. Plus storing the bike at home, and at work is less intrusive than a larger cargo would be.

Stealth Green Close Up

But what do you do when neither Paradise, nor Omnium have the colour you want in stock? And production lead times are 3 to 4 months?


Well in this case, it took a bit of luck and bartering. But fortunately for this customer, we had a frameset in a colour no-one wanted left over from last season, so it made sense for us to make a deal on the cost of the frame, so respraying it would be not only quite quick, but also way more affordable.


The build was straight forward:

  • 11 speed drivetrain for riding around town
  • Simple brakes for light loads
  • Puncture proof tyres for use on the road
  • Simple dark green and black colours


The interesting thing here is that this was the first time we’d taken a brand new frame and removed the original powder coating using our newly built sand blasting cabinet! It is tricky fitting such a big frame into a typical blasting cabinet, so we built one that is just about big enough to fit an Omnium inside.


For anyone thinking they would also like to respray a cargo, the costs are relatively high, compared with normal bike frames. Sand blasting takes a few hours, so it costs about £120. Then the powder coating on it’s own costs another £150, depending on which colour you choose, and whether you want decals added under lacquer, or just on top as we did here.

Stealth Green Mini-Max

Once we’d finished stripping the old paint off, it was a simple 1 week turnaround to get the frame back from Aurum Finishing, then a few days waiting for the local vinyl cutting place to make our replacement OMNIUM DECALS, and that’s pretty much it.

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