The Copperhead Touring eMini-Max

The Waiting Game:

The customer came down from Edinburgh to test out a few of our demo bikes early summer 2023, and eventually settled on a Mini-Max, but after seeing the new colour options, elected to hold out for the beautiful new Copperhead colourway. At the time this seemed like a missed opportunity for getting some summer rides in, but when the first Copperhead frames turned up, it made a lot more sense. This colourway is fantastic, and looks great whether it is covered in mud, rain, or sparkling clean.

Following the initial test ride visit, we scheduled phone calls to go back and forth regarding specification, and getting close to a spec sheet that seemed to best suit the riders.

Intended Use:

This build is meant to serve a couple (hence the dropper seatpost), and easier to manage handling of the mid-side wheelbase.

The gearing is fairly low, and offers simplicity and durability, thanks to the new 10 speed Deore Link Glide drivetrain from Shimano. Paired with this is the signature CYC Photon motor + Sentient CELL powerpack combo from Sentient Works, using a 38t chainring up front.

The plan is to use it for day to day errands, as well as taking on some weekend mini-tours and adventures with the dog.

The combination of front rack area, and rear pannier, will allow this bike to haul a lot of gear up and down any hill you point it towards. And the multi position handlebar (Koga Denham) and Ergon Saddle & Grips, will allow the rider t find a comfy position.

And speaking of comfort; the suspension fork upgrade will take the sting out of any unplanned bump and obstacles.

Then add dynamo lights for maximum daytime visibility, and decent night illumination, and built in GPS tracking, this has all the gadgets and useful conveniences you could wish for.


End result:

All in all, this is truly a do-anything, and carry-anything bike. It will easily replace a car for most day to day errands, and will look good doing it!

If the customer gets back to us with any photos, or updates, we will be sure to add them here, so everyone can see it in action, rather than just parked up outside my local church.



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