The Stolen Polo Bike

Long time friend of the shop @citygent, is well known in the Bike Polo community. He has gone through the stages of bike build that so many others have:

  • 1st singlespeed converted 26" steel mtb [cracked]
  • 2nd singlespeed converted 26" mtb [cracked again]
  • freestyle fixie style 700c build [sold]
  • custom built 26" raw steel frame with integrated disc guard [bent & sold]
  • and now here we are with custom build frame #2. (Must try not to break this one)

Stolen Polo Quad

And now we can witness and assist in the honing in on perfection:

  • Beautiful Candy Red Paint
  • Fully rebuilt Hope Pro II Evo hubs in the hard to find Gold colourway
  • Rebuilt front wheel, with the tried and tested Mavic EX729 (also discontinued)
  • Chris King Bottom Bracket
  • WolfTooth Gold ZS44/EC44 Headset
  • Full bleed and setup of the XT brake

The "ironman" Red and Gold transformation is complete. Nothing else to do but grab the mallet and head to the court.

Stolen Polo Side

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