BOOST Bike Electric Rear Wheel Kit

All you need to Electrify Your Ride!
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Delivery time: Max 6 weeks from order date. Usually between 2 and 4 weeks.

Electrify Your Ride!

Boost conversion kits are very simple to use, easy to install, and have a nice minimal design.

The system works with an app which connects to the kit using Bluetooth LE, and is available for iOS and Android.

The 36v rear hub motor is compatible with lots of frames, but is currently not available for Thru Axle type frames.

The 6Ah battery pack gives up to 50km of normal pedal assisted range.



With the "Complete" kit, we build the hub up into a wheel at our workshop in Bethnal Green. So there is some flexiblity here, as the 36h hub could be laced to almost any 36h rim.

Pick the correct confiuguration for your bike from the dropdown list. If you cannot find your wheelsize then please email us, with your make & model, or a picture of your bike so we can see what's possible.


Hub Versions

11 Speed HG Freehub: 135mm Rear Axle Spacing designed for 10x135 QR type dropouts. (Not for thru axles).

Single Speed HG Freehub: 120mm Rear Axle Spacing with a short block freehub body, for an HG Singlespeed Sprocket. Designed for 10x120 Bolt Up type dropouts (track, singlespeed, and some older internal hub gear frames).

Battery Mount

Fit's on your existing bottle cage fittings (if you have them). If you don't have bottle cage fittings, then you can sometimes install RivNuts on steel or aluminium tubes safely. Not advised on carbon frames, or awkward to reach areas of steel or aluminium frames. The battery needs a good amount of space, and can rattle around if you don't orient it properly.


Software & Firmware Updates

As Nic (the engineer at Boost) releases new versions of the app and firmware, you will have free access to those changes so you can keep your Boost controller programmed with the latest settings to get the most out of the kit.

Firmware upgrades must be done in the workshop, but updated of the app are available through either the Apple App Store, or the Google Play Store.