Forme Atlow

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It doesn't get much simpler than a black singlespeed. Ideal for getting into riding around London and locking up wherever you feel like.

Here we have a simple black singlespeed. For most of us in London, a single speed is all you need. They are relatively light, easy to fix, & cheap to run. A great starting point for new cyclists, or as your lockable commuter & run-around.

Upgraded for improved reliability by Paradise Cycles. We have changed the brake pads, chain, freewheel, and bottom bracket to more reliable aftermarket versions, with a much longer wear & service interval.


What Forme has to say...

As we adapt to the new normal you may find yourself searching for alternative means of transport. The Atlow is a bicycle in its simplest form. With its slender steel tubes, lightweight 28h wheels and single speed drivetrain, it is a practical, functional bike designed to provide hassle free cycling. Whether it is riding to work or cruising to the coffee shop, the Atlow is enjoyable, inspiring and stylish.



Frame Size (Top Tube Length) Top Tube Height Recommended Rider Height
53cm 77cm (30.5") 5'6" to 5'9"
56cm 80cm (31.5") 5'8" to 6'0"
58cm 83cm (32.5") 5'11 to 6'3"


For ideal sizing, check your inside leg measurement and subtract 5cm, and pick according to the top tube height. This should give you lots of clearance when you are standing over the bike.

For some reason that we can't figure out, none of the sizes are small enough for riders 5'5" or less.