Hexlox Hexnut

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A must have safety addition to stop pesky bike thieves from stealing your wheels!
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Hexlox can protect virtually any bicycle part like wheels, saddle, seat post, and more, from theft with an elegant and almost weightless solution. Hexlox is designed and manufactured in security conscious Germany - for riders all over the world. 

The hexnut is for use with threaded solid axle wheels. You'll need to identify whether you have M9, M10 or 3/8" nuts on your wheels currently. You'll need to measure the diameter of the axle to be sure. If you're struggling to identify which one you need then don't hesitate to get in touch.

You do not need to replace both nuts on your wheel, one side is enough.

You will also need to get the 6mm Hexlox bolt to insert into the hex nut which can be found here.

An important thing to remember with all bicycle security is that it's just a deterrent. We also advise using a good lock or two, and remember to get your bicycle insured for the ultimate peace of mind.

Otherwise you can go here to have all your questions answered by Hexlox themselves.