Hiplok A1000 Ground / Wall Anchor

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  • Resists angle grinder attacks
  • 360o rotating base
  • Compatible with DX1000 & D1000
  • Sold Secure Powered Cycle Diamond
  • Lifetime warranty

Product Description

The world's first anti-angle grinder anchor

Resist angle-grinder attacks at home with an A1000, the world's first anti-angle grinder anchor.

With the 360o rotating base, it's easier to lock your bike in place using a D lock.

To free up floor space, you can fit your bicycle incredible close to a wall using the A1000 as a wall anchor. However, it's also suitable as a bike ground anchor.

Fix the A1000 to a solid brick or concrete substrate. You can fit it to a wall or floor, inside or outside.

  • Anti-angle grinder wall anchor - at least 20x more resistant than standard anchors
  • 360o Rotating Base
  • Free up floor space - position your bike closer to a wall
  • Sold Secure Powered Cycle Diamond
  • ART 4 Star Rated
  • Part of the Hiplok 1000 Series
  • Lifetime warranty

 You get:

  • 8 x high-security expansion bolts and plugs
  • All bearings required to install the anchors securely
  • 16mm drill bit
  • Drilling template
  • Instructions
  • User guide.

The ball bearings are optional for installation, but are required for the anchor to be Sold Secure Diamond security rated. Fixings are tested as part of the independent security approval process by Sold Secure and ART.

About the 1000 Series

The weapon of choice for the professional bike thief is the angle grinder, which can cut through any standard lock in seconds. When the D1000 was launched two years ago, it revolutionised bike security with its ability to withstand a severe, sustained angle grinder attack.

The 1000 series brings this technology to the whole suite of products.

Angle Grinder Resistant

Everything in the 1000 series features Ferosafe, a graphene composite material that resists grinder wheels. It's been proven to take more than 20x as long for angle grinders to cut through this material than those used on standard D locks.


For optimum security, use your A1000 with a 1000 Series D Lock (D1000 or DX1000).

However you can use the A1000 with an existing D lock - just be sure to check the size of the D lock first.