Juice Lubes AAS Juice Aluminium Anti-Seize Paste

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A smuttily named anti-seize paste that keeps your bits moving free and easy. For anything that needs to stick and then come unstuck.
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AAS Juice keeps your bits moving freely and makes workshop time a breeze. It’s a top quality, aluminium assembly paste that fights off cold welding, corrosion and seizing, stops annoying squeaks and squeals and does away with those swearing at your pedal spanner moments.

AAS is for anything metal-on-metal that needs to stay locked in place, but still come unstuck when you want it to. It's perfect for anything with thread - think pedals and cranks - or anywhere else where metal touches metal like seat posts and seat tubes.

Blob a bit of AAS Juice on to your threads when you build or maintain your bike and you’ll guarantee less cursing next time you need to remove a component from your bike. It works great on bottom brackets, pedals, headsets and anywhere with metal-to-metal contact.

Product Info

  • Makes assembly of threaded items smoother and easier
  • Helps to ensure more accurate torque levels during assembly
  • Allows for easy future adjustment or deconstruction for maintenance
  • Protects against corrosion, cold welding, galling & seizure of threaded parts
  • Suitable for use on all Aluminium, Titanium and Steel threaded parts
  • Carbon safe
  • PCR Recyclable packaging

Step By Step


Go easy.

Apply a small amount to threaded parts or anywhere with a metal-to-metal contact point.


Go tight.

Attach your bits back together and tighten with a torque wrench to the manufacturer’s settings. Wipe off any excess.


Go ride.

Forget all about AAS Juice and go hit the trails.

When you next need to fix your bike, AAS Juice will be waiting to brighten your day with stress-free spannering.

Product Video