Juice Lubes Dirt Juice Bike Cleaner

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A powerful, kind-on-paint and fast-acting bike wash that’s tough enough for the worst of the British winter.
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Your secret weapon against wild winters and typically British shady summers. Dirt Juice is a fast acting bike cleaner that’s brutal on mud but kind on paint.

Dirt Juice grabs grime and gives it a right good duffing up, leaving it powerless to resist your bike washing. It works fast, it’s fully biodegradable and it’ll also do the job as a light degreaser to leave your bits shining.

NEW: Now with brand new Super Foamy Trigger for an extra foamy squirt! You asked for it, and we did it. Makes washing your whip easier than ever.

Product Info

  • Professional grade bike cleaner
  • Safe for use on all surfaces including discs, pads & carbon fibre
  • Premium quality foaming trigger spray
  • Biodegradable formula
  • Can be refilled using bike cleaner concentrate
  • Recyclable packaging

Step By Step


Point hose pipe at bike.

Fire H2O generously and make sure to get all the muddy bits good and soggy.


Lash Dirt Juice across your whip giving a few extra squirts to the really muddy bits..

Loosen up the worst of goop with a brush and let it rest for two minutes for the Juice to work its magic.


Rinse with fresh water and work any muddy bits with a clean brush.

Use JL69 to send left behind moisture packing and Frame Juice for a showroom shine. Last but not least, Fork Juice your fork and oil your chain.

Product Video