Juice Lubes The Dirty Little Scrubber Chain Cleaning Tool

The serious chain cleaner with the not-so-serious name. Buffs your chain to sparkling with no mess and no hassle for crisper shifts and longer lasting bits.
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The Dirty Little Scrubber goes heavy on clean chains and crisp shifts and light on mess, spills and faff. Slap it on your chain whenever you wash your whip and watch your drivetrain transform from ghastly to glorious in a few spins of the cranks.

The Scrubber will keep your shifts slick and will help guarantee your bits last longer, meaning more cash for after-work beers and less “is she dead?” calls to your local bike shop.

Product Info

  • Removes oil, grease and grime in seconds
  • Minimizes product usage - 20ml per fill
  • No hands use when setup correctly
  • Tough Nylon brushes
  • Quick and easy to clean and reuse
  • Recyclable packaging

Step By Step


Fill ‘er up.

Fill the scrubber to the ‘Max’ line with undiluted Dirt Juice Boss Chain Cleaner and leave the lid off.


In position.

Pop the scrubber up onto the chain just above the rear mech, making sure the hook bar is hanging down. Slide the lid on and lift hook bar up so that it sits behind your rear mech’s jockey wheel.


Get scrubbering.

Back pedal your chain and watch the Scrubber go to town on grease and grime. For the filthiest of filth, you might need to empty and refill the Scrubber. When you’re done you can rinse your chain with clean water, lube your chain and retire to plan your next adventure.

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