Discover the joy of true cycling efficiency and adaptability. The world opens up when you own a cargo bike.


The Mini-Max is the middle child of the lot. Caught between the Cargo and the Mini, with the best of both. If you think the Mini is too small, then you're probably right. If you think the Cargo is unnecessary then we won't argue!

The shorter wheelbase makes it handle more like a normal bike, resulting in a tighter turn radius and increased manoeuvrability. Although the rack lacks the horns seen on the Cargo, it retains extender bar compatibility, and can still take some pretty impressive loads! The fact that the front wheel is positioned more in the middle of the rack is positive for steering and handling, while stability during heavy loads is slightly less than that of the Cargo.

The Mini-Max is for those who value snappier turns and a tighter parking spot, and aren‘t necessarily looking to max out hauling capabilities on the regular.


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