Omnium Electric Mini-Max V3 Bike

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Delivery time: Special Order: If it's in stock in Denmark, new orders usually arrive within 3 weeks. Call us for accurate availability details.

The Mini-Max is the middle child of the lot, with the best of both the Cargo and Mini. The shorter wheelbase makes it handle more like a normal bike, resulting in a tighter turn radius and increased manoeuvrability.

Though the rack lacks the horns seen on the Cargo, it retains extender bar compatibility, and can still take some pretty impressive loads!

The fact that the front wheel is positioned more in the middle of the rack is positive for steering and handling, while stability during heavy loads is slightly less than that of the Cargo.

The Mini-Max is for those who value snappier turns and a tighter parking spot, and aren‘t necessarily looking to max out hauling capabilities on the regular.

Omnium E-Mini-Max WiFi with integrated Shimano STEPS EP8 CRG drive unit, thru axles front and rear, and 55mm Schwalbe Big Ben Plus tires. The STEPS EP8 is by far the best system for an electric bike – we tested a lot of options and we are certain this is the Omnium Mini-Max that will take you to the very TOP of the hill.

A brand new, complete bike, delivered worldwide. Bike comes nearly ready to ride with just a few basic assembly tasks required, listed below:

  • Install front and rear wheel, seat + seatpost, stem, handlebars.
  • Align front and rear brake
  • Install mudguards
  • Inflate tires

If you are the slightest bit in doubt, please consult with your local bike shop.

Powerful SHIMANO STEPS motor is strong enough to handle the steepest of hills with a load, yet intuitive enough to give you just the right amount of support every pedal stroke along the way. Designed specifically to give you that natural feel of riding a normal bike. The system weighs only 2.8kg, one of the lightest motors on the market. Stable, smooth intuitive power for improved bike handling over every part of your day. Solidly supports speeds up to 25 km/h.

Ultra-durable, replaceable, powerful battery specially designed for the rigors of cargo biking. Low profile design for improved impact and vibration resistance. High capacity long-lasting Li-Ion battery of 504 Wh to cover more territory. Supported travel up to 100 km on one charge. 1,000 charge cycles with no significant power loss.

Electronic Shifting
With the e-bike specific Nexus inter-5e hub we introduce electronic shifting on all e-bikes. This makes for easy and maintenance free gear shifting. The hub offers a 263% gear range with optional automatic shifting.

Gates Beltdrive
Extremely durable and maintenance free Gates Beltdrive drivetrain will make sure you won’t drop or break the chain due to the high torque of the drive unit. It will run smooth for thousands of km without having to grease it. Moreover you won’t have oil on your drivetrain to smush your trousers or your hands when changing an inner tube or adjusting the rear wheel.


E-Mini-Max WiFi V3 XS (49.5) S (52) M (54.5) L (57) XL (60)
STL – seat tube length (c-t) 495 520 545 570 600
TTL – top tube length (c-c / actual) 505 520 545 570 600
Stack 533 557 576 605.5 634.5
Reach 347.5 355 374.5 390.5 412
SO – standover height 745.5 769.5 793.5 817.5 846.5
BBH – bottom bracket height 288 288 288 288 288
BBD – bottom bracket drop 81 81 81 81 81
STA – seat tube angle 74 74 74 74 74
HTA1 – head tube angle rear 73.5 73.5 73.5 73.5 73.5
HTA2 – head tube angle front 73.5 75.5 73.5 73.5 73.5
WB – wheelbase 1386.5 1401 1421 1451 1451
A-C – axle to crown 298 298 298 298 298
R – rake 45 45 45 45 45
T – trail 29.5 29.5 29.5 29.5 29.5
CSL – chainstay length 493 493 493 493 493
FL – full bike length 2016 2030.5 2050.5 2080.5 2110.5