Omnium Mini V3 Bike

The perfect Basket bike. Not really a cargo bike, but getting close.
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Delivery time: Special Order: If it's in stock in Denmark, new orders usually arrive within 3 weeks. Call us for accurate availability details.

The Omnium Mini is a fast, manoeuvrable re-imagining of the ‘short-john’ bike that can carry surprisingly heavy loads. Add our nylon cargo webbing to provide a super-strong surface that can hold crazy weights all day long.

Unlike some other cargo bikes on the market – ours feel pretty much exactly like a normal bike to ride. Not twitchy, not shaky, but agile and speedy. You’ll adapt in minutes and wonder how you survived without Omnium in your life. 


Omnium Factory Spec vs Paradise Built To Order Spec.

Due to Brexit, the import duty on complete bikes from Omnium means it's much more expensive than if we build the same bike from a frameset in the UK. This is why we prefer to buy a frame, and spec it to you according to our BUILT TO ORDER process. You will get a better bike for the same money. But if you want one of their completes then we can order them for you.

Get in touch with James to find out about test rides at our shop, availability, and how to place an order: [email protected]


Size Guide

There is some overlap between sizes. If you are unsure, then come and test them out in person. Reach can be adjusted with different seatposts and stems. Standover is the main thing to get right!

Height Recommended Frame Size Standover (Inside Leg)
<160cm Extra Small 75cm (29.5")
160 - 173cm Small 77cm (30.5")
170 - 183cm Medium 79cm (31")
180 - 195cm Large 82cm (32.5")
>195cm Extra Large 85cm (33.5")


Mini Size Chart