Omnium Rack

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The Mini-Max and Cargo racks use the same mounting pattern, and are interchangable. They also both accept the Extender bar. The difference is the 12cm horn section on the Cargo version.


The Mini rack can't be extended but it is made from steel, so you can subject it to modifications quite easily.



  • All of these replacement racks are only available in Matt Black.
  • The Mini-Max & Cargo racks requires 4 x M10 Stainless (Dome Head) Bolts in about a 20mm length (or 25mm if you are sandwiching the Thule child seat bracket in).
  • The Mini rack requires 4 x M8 Bolts in a 20mm length
  • We could send them off to be powdercoated in a different colour, but we cannot do colour matches to Omnium colours as they are baffling to our paint partner, and we can't find the exact powders they use.Please email us if you are interested in this. Cost will be +£30 with a 10 day lead time.
  • None of these racks come with rack bolts. You can find them easily online. We always have a few spares in the workshop if you need one or two.