Omnium SL Mesh Cover

A lightweight 300g cover for the rack area with a 40kg weight limit.
Delivery time: Special Order: If it's in stock in Denmark, new orders usually arrive within 3 weeks. Call us for accurate availability details.

What they say...

Our Super Light (SL) Mesh Cover is made with weight saving in mind and is still strong enough to hold your everyday needs or your bike packing load. Made from high-strength nylon mesh fabric, nylon webbing strap and Velcro.

  • Compatible with all Cargo and Mini-max racks
  • Nylon and Mesh Construction
  • Made In Taiwan
  • Weight: 300g +/- 20g
  • Carrying Capacity: 40kg

This saves you a solid 500g compared to our standard webbing while having a straightforward installation and offering a more tactical look to your build. The mesh fabric has been chosen not only for its weight-saving capability but also for its ability to not soak up any water in rides with wet conditions.

This is the rack cover for all you weight-conscious riders, bike packers or for anyone where every gram counts.

The SL Mesh Cover was originally designed and tested for The Silk Road Mountain Race where Allan Shaw was the first to compete & complete the race on a cargo bike. The SL Mesh Cover is compatible with all Cargo & Mini-Max racks from Classic to V3. The mesh cover has a max weight capacity of 40kg and is not intended for heavy hauling, so if you are a messenger racing the streets, we would still recommend our standard Webbing.