Omnium Titanium Mini V3IR Frameset

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Available in store

Stunning titanium frame with refined internal routing.
Delivery time: Pre Order Only every few months + 5 month production time.

It’s a normal bike with a front rack on steroids, now in Titanium! Is this the one bike to do it all?

It now comes with internal cable routing, adjustable rocker dropouts with a belt split, and 55mm tire clearance.

Please note complete bikes bikes will be specced with Sram brakes and gears.

Titanium is an amazing material for bike frames due to its very unique qualities. It simply will not rust in any normal atmospheric conditions, not even with road salt, scratches or dents. It doesn’t need painting or coating, and doesn’t suffer from fatigue cracking. It’s much lighter than steel, and still really comfortable to ride with a perfect ratio of stiffness, strength and durability. Of course, it’s more expensive than steel, but then again, it will probably outlast the human race. Steel is real, but Titanium is realer!