PowUnity Bike Trax E-Bike GPS Tracker

Integrated GPS tracker for E-Bikes. Warning: Installation can be tricky in some cases, but most are just plug'n'play.

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For either private use, or for fleet use, this is the best GPS tracker we have used. See where your bike is in real time, and set it to trigger an alarm on your phone if it moves, or leaves your geofence radius. This tracker has lots of interesting and useful features, so you can be a little more relaxed about how expensive your e-bike is.

With the BikeTrax GPS system your bike is safe: The most reliable GPS theft protection in the bike industry locates every movement of your e-bike throughout Europe. You see it live in the free smartphone app on your phone.

Never lose track of your e-bike

See the exact live location of your e-bike on your smartphone in over 146 countries.

Peace of mind, even in the event of theft

Receive an immediate alert in the e-bike tracker app if your electric bike is moved without authorization, allowing you the peace of mind you need.

Your e-bike has a well-hidden secret

The GPS tracker for your bike is discreetly installed inside the e-bike, making it invisible to thieves unlike bike locks that are installed externally.

A smart, forward-thinking investment

The BikeTrax e-bike tracker is compatible with all e-bikes and can also be used for your future bikes.

See and hear where your e-bike is.

Say goodbye to the worry of whether your e-bike is still where you left it. With the PowUnity app and BikeTrax GPS tracker for e-bikes, you can easily keep tabs on your bike’s location, you can monitor GPS tracking of the bike live on your phone and receive notifications if it’s moved without your permission. The GPS tracker records your routes automatically in the PowUnity App.