Everyone is welcome, at the best bicycle workshop in town.

Our team have a fantastic record of expertise, approachability, trustworthiness, reliability & consistent results.

We are able to repair & service anything that was designed to be repaired and/or serviced. It doesn't matter to us if the job is little or large. As long as the bike shop can help, we welcome all enquiries and challenges.

With over 40,000 services and repairs worth of experience, we have seen a lot of interesting bikes. Over the years we have become very good at recognising what is possible with respect to both restoration, and modernisation. Whether it's short term fix on a beater bike, or helping you to keep your high spec pride and joy in perpetual "like-new" condition.


Louis   James   Marco
Louis   James   Marco
Co-Founder & Shop Manager   Co-Founder, Bike Builder & Office   Assistant Shop Manager

Where are you from? The Toon (Newcastle)

When did you start at Paradise?

What bikes do you ride?
Omnium Mini-Max, Fly BMX, Lapierre Enduro, Orange Blood, & a Peugeot R753 Racer.

What about the job do you enjoy most?
Working to grow the East London cycling community, and helping people who are new to cycling.


Where are you from? East Sussex

When did you start at Paradise? The very beginning. 

What bikes do you ride? Various Oranges, Omniums & a Ginkgo.

What about the job do you enjoy most? Painstakingly planning & building custom bikes for people.


Where are you from? Brazil

When did you start?
June 2019

What bikes do you ride?
Trek 5200 road bike, Giant revolt gravel,
old skool Giant XTC 26 inch mountain bike, Trek district, motorbike, and a home made cargo bike project.

What about the job do you enjoy the most?
Dealing with customers.



Way back in 2012, the Paradise workshop was located in the basement of our student house on Paradise Row (which a small few of you will remember). Then in 2015 we opened the old shop on Roman Road (which many of you will remember). And in 2022 we moved to the big shop on Paradise Row (again!) where we currently reside.