Many of our stocked brands are available in manufacturer complete variations. This is sometimes the fastest and easiest way to get a bike. Check out the product listings in the bikes menu, and see the range of models which we can source from our supplier networks.

Click here to see all the bikes we carry, whether or not they are in stock, or available to order.


We know that the best way to buy a bike it to make sure it matches your personality & the intended use, for a given budget. With the help of our bike builder, you will be guided through a sequence of test rides, important questions & product selection until there is a plan in place for the assembly of an optimised bike.

To start the process, simply stop by the shop and have a chat with our team, or fire over an email to our bike builder, James [email protected].

He will schedule a follow up consultation (which can be done in person, or over the phone to start with).

Getting to the point where a near final estimate is produced, and either a cycle scheme voucher is applied for, or a deposit is paid (or both), usually requires quite a lot of work, and several emails going back and forth until everyone is super clear and happy with everything.

As with our repair service, we will never do anything without your consent. But unlike our repair services, we may need some money or a voucher to go in the till before we order anything.

Locking in a custom bike sale requires commitments from both parties.


With our cargo bikes, there is often a blend of off-the-peg, with a bit of Paradise customisation included.

We keep a range of cargo bikes in stock at all times, so that you can come to the shop to do a comparative test ride with one of our team.

There is even a 35kg load of sand which we can use to easily demonstrate how the handling changes when the bike is loaded.



If you are on a regular monthly / 4-weekly payroll, then there is a very good chance that your VAT registered employer can set you up with a Cycle-to-Work application.

This Gov. legislation is fantastic, as it basically slashes the price of whatever bike or parts you buy, in exchange for a monthly salary deduction.

Repayment terms from 12 months to 24 months are available with some suppliers, so you can get a pretty high spec e-cargo bike for a relatively small monthly amount. 

Example (Veloe Multi EP6 Bike inc. Helmet, Locks & Essential Accessories):

£5,000 RRP bike with scheme saving of 32%.

£3,400 to pay over 24 months.

Monthly salary deduction of £141.67.