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We've been providing people across the country with cargo solutions for a while now, and it seems only right that we showcase a few of our customers projects so that other's can draw inspiration and consider a cargo bike. The benefits are numerous, with the obvious being cutting out the expense and environmental impact of using a van, saving time (its quicker to make localised deliveries by bike), and letting those good endorphins loose while getting exercise and looking really really cool while doing so. 

So without anymore rambling, here is our first customer profile...

T H E  B A K E R S  B I K E

Harry came to us to get a cargo bike to carry fresh bread made by him to customers within the SW postcode. His first solution was to carry bread on his bike using a rack and wearing a backpack, but it was clear to him that as his buisness grew he needed a more optimised method for deliveries, because there's only so much bread you can fit in a backpack. 

After having a chat with him it was evident that he would need a bespoke solution to make the most of the Omnium Mini Max bed. We decided that a modular stacking system would be best so that he could organise the different shapes and sizes of bread easily and adapt to the number of deliveries by adding or removing crates as needed. No one likes soggy bread, and it rains quite a bit in London, so we came up with an adjustable cover to go over the crates, which includes a roll-up side panel to access the goods.

As for the spec, its our answer to Omnium's own factory spec with upgraded Shimano Deore brakes and drivetrain (with a GRX Crankset), hand built wheels and super clean looking black finishing kit. 

Keep an eye out for Harry if you live south of the river. 

Check out Harry's bread on instagram: @crumbsbakehousesw
Or make an order and get him to drop some baked goods to your door here:

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