CYC Photon Mid Drive Motor Kit

Torque Sensing & Subtle Form. 750W
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Motor Photon
Cranks Aluminium ISIS 165mm
Speed Sensor CYC Inc. Spoke Magnet
Display SW102 (Small) / DS103 (Large)
Motor Spindle For 68-83mm Shell
Wiring Harness 2-1 Included (Others sold seperately)
Power Lead Connector XT90 Female
Chainring 34t (Carbon) / 38t (Composite) / 50t

The Photon from CYC Motor, is a dream product for electric conversion builds.

For UK road legal use, we will install the EAPC 250W locked firmware, and recommend a 36V battery option to meet your insurance requirements and avoid associated legal issues.

An EAPC must have pedals that can be used to propel it.

It must show either:

  • the power output
  • the manufacturer of the motor

It must also show either:

  • the battery’s voltage (must be 36v)
  • the maximum speed of the bike (must be 15.5mph)

Its electric motor:

  • must have a maximum power output of 250 watts
  • should not be able to propel the bike when it’s travelling more than 15.5mph

An EAPC can have more than 2 wheels (for example, a tricycle).

Without the EAPC locked firmware, or by using a battery that is not 36v nominal, this motor kit  does not meet the EAPC rules. This means the bike would be legally classed as a motorcycle or moped by the DVLA, and needs to be registered and taxed accordingly. You’ll need a driving licence to ride one and you must wear a crash helmet.


If you want to convert your existing bike, rather than buy a brand new one, then this is the best quality motor you can get.

Advanced torque sensing technology from CYC offers a seamless, intuative pedal assist experience (comparable to Shimano EP8 or Bosch CX Motors). With a helical gear design, the build quality is uncompromising, but also manages to keep the noise down. This motor is compact, lightweight, and offers bike modders a premium option for their next conversion project.

Manufacturers Website LINK:

Retrofit Mid Drive Motor Comparison

CYC vs Bafang

At Paradise Cyces, we have been using the Bafang BBS02 motors for over 2 years, and found it to be excellent value, powerful, and predictable (when configured sensibly). However, the differences between a cadence sensing motor (Bafang) and a torque sensing motor (CYC) is noticeable. The CYC Photon is going to be a game changer.

We have ordered a batch, and will continue to test these two systems against each other throughout 2023.

  Bafang BBS02B + Lekkie Upgrades
CYC Photon
Prices from £775
from £975
Sensors Cadence + Speed + Gear + Brake Torque + Speed (+ Brake optional)
Rated Power 750w 750w
Peak Power 1400w 2000w
Peak Torque 110Nm 110Nm
Operating Voltage 48v 36-52v
Min Chainring for correct chainline 40t 34t
Weight 4.2kg 3.2kg
Mobile App? No. Yes. CYC Ride Control.
Serviceable? Yes. All spares are available. Yes. All spares are available.
Battery options Any 48v pack with a male XT60 connector will work. Apparently any 36-52v pack with a male XT90 connector will work. Requires proper setup on controller before use.
Manufacturers Warranty None, but this has never been an issue. 2 Years, but shipping from HK is not included so it's not free to use.


Which is best? Bafang BBS02 or CYC Photon

For all road based use, the Bafang is absolutely fine and can't be beaten in terms of cost and customisation. With the custom tuning profiles that we have developed, you get maximum range as well as a smooth, predictable behaviour at >5mph. The downside is low speed control, where you need to either use the brake sensor to cut the motor, or breifly switch the PAS level to 0.

If you are using the kit off road (for trails or bike parks) and you need faster cut off + enguagement for technical riding, and you need a chainring smaller than 40t, or want a simpler and slightly easier to use system, then the CYC Photon is the way to go.

What CYC have to say

New CYC motors are equipped with the Gen 3 torque sensing technology exclusively developed in-house by our team of engineers and riders. Together they achieved a pedal assist experience for conversion kits like you've never seen before! 

Equipped with our patent pending torque sensor module, we can give you a refined pedal assist system. The torque sensor module includes both a high sensitivity torque sensor strain gauge module and a cadence sensing module. The high number of poles of the cadence sensor ensures that we can control the sensitivity to a much higher degree & provides the opportunity to fine-tune the firmware alongside rider inputs. The result? Unprecedented ebiking! 

Our PAS firmware algorithm is like the secret ingredient in a top chef's recipe. Without it, we'd be boring! BUT, we aimed for better, and so, we've accomplished it! Our engineers were put to the test and are proud to present you with an all-new pedal assist experience.

The new Gen 3 PAS (pedal assist system) sits integrated with the robust sprag clutch module so there's no external wiring that can get caught, bent, or accidentally snapped. The CYC PAS runs with both the torque and cadence signal collected and is processed by the controller to provide you with a pedal assist feeling like never before.  

Not only have we written our firmware alongside our team riders, we've made sure that that all our MVPs got a chance to test it! This includes our partners at Ristretto Electric, Coast Cycles, Fasterbikes EU to name a few. We also showcased the beta version at the 2022 EUROBIKE show where the feedback was phenomenal!