Lekkie One Nut BBS01/02

Delivery time: Collection or 72hr Delivery Available

Lekkie ONENUT is a full CNC machined motor lock nut with a built in locking function that replaces both stock motor locking nuts.

The Onenut is born out of the frustration of having to find a non existent tool to tighten the main bottom bracket nut when installing the BBS kits. Also, when you are fitting to a 73mm bottom bracket, the Bafang cover can not be fitted.

The Lekkie Onenut is a single fastener that can be tightened with a standard Shimano bottom bracket tool (wrench type, most sockets are too shallow), or the Lekkie Sixteen-44 Socket.

Once tightened the One nut has a locking feature, by tightening 2 grub screws the nut locks to the bottom bracket thread, and can not shake loose or rotate. For customer installations this is a must add on. Cheaper than buying a specific tool for the Bafang nut and completes the look