Lekkie Bling Ring for BBS01/02

A quality narrow-wide chainring for Bafang BBS01 & BBS02 mid-drive motors.
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Delivery time: Special Order: If it's in stock in New Zealand, new orders usually arrive within 2 weeks. Call us for accurate availability details.

Lekkie Bling Rings for the Bafang mid drive motors are being celebrated as the #1 performance upgrade for the BBS systems. The original, and still the best.

Bling Ring 01/02 is designed specifically for the Bafang BBS01 and BBS02 motors.

The 36 tooth ring is not offset, so your chain line will be out and shifting in the low range of the cassette will be less than ideal.

The 40t and 42t versions are correctly dished for a 135 QR or 142mm Thru rear axle setup. Allowing proper shifting in 9/10/11 speed drivetrains, with any size of cassette.

Bling, quality, performance

The Lekkie BLINGRING is the most sort after accessory for the Bafang mid motor systems.

The Bling Ring is the original, and most popular aftermarket accessory for the Bafang systems. A versatile ring suited to any build, keep up with the cars as you commute or climb the steep single track at your local trails, these chainrings can do it all.

All aspects of performance and durability were considered during the design process with the utmost emphasis on quality and finish.

As it is the only front chain ring, a narrow wide tooth pattern can be used to eliminate chain derailment and increase durability by thickening the teeth.  7075 Heat treated alloy means we can get the weight to a fraction of the stock steel ring but retain the tooth hardness.

Aesthetics are vastly improved compared to stock chainrings.

Designed in New Zealand in true Lekkie style to be the premium choice!