Lekkie Buzz Bars 15.6mm Offset v3.1 BBS Cranks

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The perfect match for the BLING RING, we bring you the V3.1 BUZZ BARS!

Compliment the form and function of your ride with a premium CNC crank designed with strength and aesthetic in mind.

This BUZZ BAR set is asymmetric to correct the Q-Factor issue that the Bafang BBS motors create. The left crank has 15.6mm more offset than the right crank.

Rigid, strong, precise.

Lekkie brings salvation to e-bike riders with the BUZZ BARS V3.1 pedal cranks.

Precision CNC cut from forged 6061 heat treated aluminium to bring ultimate stiffness and confidence to your ride.

Designed using optimisation software to ensure maximum strength with minimum weight, achieving twice the strength of the stock Bafang cranks.

Lekkie’s V3.1 Self Extractor makes crank removal for maintenance quick and easy. Using only a 8mm hex/allen key, no other tools required.

We produce different BUZZ BAR variations to match your drive motor and obtain ideal Q-factor. This set is tailored to provide the best setup on Bafang BBS01/02/HD, and greatly improves Tongshen TSDZ2 and Truckrun M05 drive units.

Designed in New Zealand in true Lekkie style to be the premium choice!