Omnium Electric Cargo V3 DEMO Bike by Sentient Works

£4,899.00 £4,410.00
By far the best, while also being the cheapest Electric Omnium Cargo. Come and test it out today! Demo Model Colour: Galaxy Black Size: Medium
Delivery time: Special Order: If it's in stock in Denmark, new orders usually arrive within 3 weeks. Call us for accurate availability details.

2023 Edition is now available with new motor options, and a revised battery pack!

The CYC Photon motor is torque sensing! It rides a lot like a Bosch, but is much much easier to configure yourself.

When compared with the "official" Omnium Electric Cargo, both of our in-house electric builds offer exceptional value, as well as giving you lots of options for customisation.

We must stress, all our Omnium bikes are built to order!

The bike pictured has 1x11 external gears, but there are lots of other ways to configure these now that the V3 framekit has a QR dropout option, so you can do a belt driven hub gear like a Enviolo or Shimano Nexus 5, or use an eMTB style external drivetrain like the Shimano Link Glide XT.

The specification list on this page is just a guide to give you an idea of what you can get for less than £5k.

The price and specification listed here is just a guide based on our experience. Change as much or as little as you like (within reason). If you want to get weird, we are up for it! If you want to bring us some parts to use from your spares, that's fine too. We're happy to be flexible.

How to get your eCargo from Paradise:

  1. Meet with us so we can decide how to match the rider and intended use to the specification and budget.
  2. Agree on the build list, and availability of parts.
  3. Pay a deposit.
  4. Wait for new bike day.

Ways of financing an eCargo:

  • Cash.
  • CycleScheme voucher. Or a combined voucher + top-up with cash.
  • Retail Finance (V12 Finance and Klarna are soon to be available).
  • Government Zero Emissions Grant money for businesses. If you can get it then by all means go ahead.

Electric Drivetrain Engineering

  • Bafang BBS mid drive motor is easy to source, service, tune and if necessary, replace. So you don't need to be without your bike for long if something goes wrong (unlike other OEM mid-drive options out there..).
  • CYC Photon mid drive motor is torque sensing, and has a bluetooth controller for easy configuration.
  • The motors we use have up to 110Nm of torque, but has been tuned to have a road legal top speed, while still pushing hard to get you up to speed even with a heavy load, and without jerking around during slow speed manoeuvres, or while setting off.
  • The custom tuning has also been engineered to allow an extraordinary range* when paired with the Sentient CELL mk.4 for Omnium, which has an almost excessive 874Wh of juice in the tank.
  • If you do wear out the motor then you can rest assured that they are fully rebuildable and serviceable. Just try to bring it in for a service every 1500miles or so. Like any motorised vehicle, you shouldn't ride it until it dies. The more you plan your service intervals, the longer it will last, and the more reliable it will be.

*Exact distance TBC, after we have done some real world testing in July 2022.

Motor + Component Pairings

  • Magura MT5 4-pot brakes with 180mm rotors provide plenty of stopping power. This is important when you have more momentum then you're used to, and someone steps out in front of you or cut's you up. And the best thing about the MT5 is that they are avaialble with a built in brake sensor, so we can keep your cockpit looking clean. On the standard set-up we only use one brake sensor to cut the motor, on the left hand (rear brake). If you want both brakes to cut the motor that isn't a problem.
  • Lekkie cranks correct the offset introduced by the motor, so you have a nice wide stance, and solid crank arms to push against.
  • Lekkie BBS drive cover creates a better seal around the reduction gear on the motor casing, so you can get away with riding in the mud and sand without killing the motor.
  • Lekkie Bling Ring's in a 40t or larger correct the 15.6mm motor offset for an optimised chain line for better shifting and wear on external 11 speed drivetrains.


  • Sentient KNAR rims are double eyeleted double walled aluminium construction, finished in stealthy matt black powder coat.
  • You can put whatever hubs you want on these 32h rims, so whether you want a heavy duty Bitex BX207, or Shimano Alfine 8 speed hub, or a Rohloff, or Hope hubs, or a SON 28 dynamo the choices are extensive.

Finishing Kit

  • Gusset Beard handlebars are really upright, wide & commanding, but the factory finish is less than subtle, so we have refinished them in matt black powder coat as well!
  • Ergon grips and saddle are a very comfy premium feeling pair, and are ideal for the riding position we have specified.

Test Rides

We are trying to have at least one in stock at all times, for a test ride. You can come to our warehouse unit, and ride around the Argall Avenue industrial area with a member of our team, to see how you get on with a loaded or unloaded bike. To arrange a test, please contact us via phone or email.