Pitlock Security Locking Skewers

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Resistant to all attacks except for very careful grinding. Prevents opportunistic theft of your wheels.
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The Pitlock Piece Skewers are a coded high security protection device that is a direct replacement for the quick release skewers on front wheels and rear wheels, asds well as other key vulnerable areas of your bike.

• You will need a 14mm spanner to fit it.

• You must carry the key and spanner with you whilst cycling to allow wheel removal for punctures etc.

• Can only be used on bikes with QR skewers and will not work with solid, nutted axles

• Set features front wheel skewer, 1 Pits and 1 Security Code ID

• Duplicate keys can only be ordered using the security code supplied

• Parts made of quality rustproof high-grade steel

• Easy to install & use