CYC B-36 Battery Pack

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Available in store

36V 10S2P 10Ah 360Wh Battery Pack with a XT90 connector.
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This pack is super light and extremely small! 2.2kg is excellent, but that weight comes at the cost of only having a 360Wh capacity.

If you are running your CYC Photon motor in EU mode, then the 250w peak power is acheived with a drain of only 7A, so you should get a solid hour and a half of contant use hitting the speed limiter, or 3 - 5 hours of mixed and casual use. More than enough for your daily commute or ride around town.


  • High impact polycarbonate battery case with cell module, BMS, & line out with XT90-S connection encased
  • Battery mount with padding pre-assembled to battery case
  • Lithium ebike battery charger
  • Velcro mounting strap
  • User Manual (ecopy)
  • Brochure