CYC X1 Pro Gen 3 X6 Mid Drive Motor Kit

Ultimate E-MTB Power. 200Nm at 3500 Watts.
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The X1 Pro Gen 3 is a high-powered mid-drive electric bike conversion kit made for extreme power, off-road, & utility use.

Rated at 3500W & 150N.m. or 5000W & 250N.m.

The package includes everything you need to convert your bike except the battery:

  1. Motor-reduction assembly
  2. 219H chainring-reduction assembly
  3. Bicycle chainring with chainring cover
  4. 219H golden KMC chain
  5. ISIS splined bottom bracket & spindle
  6. 165mm/ 175mm crank arm set
  7. Gen 3 torque sensing freewheel module
  8. CYC X6 controller (3500W)
  9. Built-in bashguard
  10. Waterproof wire harness
  11. Motor hanger
  12. 3, 5, & 7mm spacers for BSA threaded 68/73/83mm version / 2x 2mm spacers for BB92 version
  13. SW102 (up to 52V)/ DS103 Display (up to 72V)
  14. Thumb throttle/ Half-twist throttle/ Full twist throttle
  15. Magnetic speed sensor
  16. Magnetic brake sensors (optional)
  17. User manual (ecopy)

Extension wire to mount the controller seperately (optional)
Available here> [MISSING LINK]

eBike Headlights (optional)
Available here> [MISSING LINK]


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Rated voltage   36 - 72V 
Max.rpm (at crank)  > 300 rpm 
Rated power  3500W (CYC X6 Controller)
Max. torque (at crank)  200 N.m. (CYC X6 Controller)
Overall efficiency  > 90% 
Colour  Anodized Black 
Weight of motor & controller   3.8 kg 
Total weight with crank set & bb  5.6 kg  
Bracket materials   7075-T6 
Crank arm length  165mm or 175mm 
Q factor  190mm 
Chainring  32T with 53T motor chainring, 38T with 63T motor chainring, 40T with 72T motor chainring 
Compatibility   68-83mm, 100mm, 120mm BSA & Pressfit version available *Other BB versions may be compatible, please contact us