Sentient CELL mk3

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The 3rd generation high capacity battery pack from Sentient Works.
Enclosure Material 2.5mm Black ABS Filament
Lid Material 3mm Aluminium or 5mm Polycarbonate
BMS 30A Active Balance for 48v Li-Ion 13S Config.
Cells Samsung INR21700-40T 4000mAh
Cell Configuration 13S-4P (52 Cells)
Voltage 48V (Max. 54.6v Charge)
Capacity 874Wh
On/Off Switch Flipsky Enhanced Anti Spark Max 200A
Charge/Discharge Port Female XT60 (Replaceable)

Latest Revision: Mk.3 (Late 2022)

  • Added Flipsky Smart Switch for spark free disconnecting and charging.
  • Added port for Pow Unity GPS device (always on).
  • Added battery indicator.
  • Improved surface finish.
  • Improved fittings for the tight space envelope for Omnium Mini-Max version.

Four Fitting Variations

  1. Omnium Cargo (Classic/WiFi-V2/ WiFi-V3)
  2. Omnium Mini-Max (Classic/WiFi-V2/ WiFi-V3)
  3. Strapped (Can be used with/without Webbing)
  4. Bullitt (Simple Bolt On)

Optional GPS

PowUnity BikeTrax

3D Printed Enclosure

Black ABS Filament is used to build the middle section of the sandwich design. We have modelled the Omnium Cargo & Mini-Max frames, and iteratively improved on the quality of the print so it is a cosy fit to the frame, and supported perfectly by the rear bolts of a Cargo/Mini-Max rack.


Available upon request.